Are you leaving for the holidays? Don't forget some single-serve wine for the best camping trip ever!
Summer holidays are also a moment for simplicity and freedom: if you're about to set off in your camper or caravan, you know this all too well. So don't forget to stock up on single-serve wine to make your campsite extraordinary and full of delights (in exact portions!)
Single-serve wine for camping
When you depart for the holidays the aim is always to enjoy some rest and relaxation, whether you're heading to the sea for long days on the beach, to the mountains for long relaxing walks, or to discover cities and monuments from the great past. 
In short, whatever our aim is on holiday, the one thing we all bring with us is the desire to enjoy a few days without any complications, full of absolute calm and relaxation, as well as to fully delight in every pleasant moment. So how can you make the journey even more enjoyable? Wixo has the solution: precisely for these informal occasions, it has created a single-serve wine that is truly ideal for camping. Single glasses so you don't have to drag heavy bottles around, and one person can enjoy a glass of wine whenever they like.
With Wixo single-serve wine, holiday-goers don't have to all agree on drinking the same wine and can choose whichever they prefer (choosing between three reds, two whites and one rosé), there are no open bottles left lying around and everything is easier and more pleasant. Just like we want everything to be when we're on holiday.
If you're about to set off with your camper, single-serve camping wine is the ideal choice for enjoying a great glass of quality wine in total relaxation
But what's so special about this single-serve wine that makes it the ideal choice for camping? We've already told you that it's single-serve (which also lets you fully enjoy wine without exaggerating) and about the variety of choices. But we haven't told you where it comes from: the producer is a historic winery from Piacenza, Pierini wineries to be precise: even though it is perfect camping wine, there is no need to sacrifice quality, as a wine has to be good to be a real pleasure. 
With these famous producers with years of experience and reliability, Wixo has selected a series of wines that perfectly match the situations in which they'll be enjoyed: informal, not too demanding, but always high quality.
Everyone can choose their own wine, the glasses are unbreakable, light, easily disposable and resealable... need you know more to choose single-serve wine for your campsite now?
And when it's time to throw it away? Single-serve wine is perfect for camping in this case as well: the glasses (which by the way are unbreakable, light and come with a convenient lid in case you want to close them) can simply be recycled along with all your other plastic bottles.