Have you already thought about a good glass of red wine to accompany your barbecues?
A good glass of red wine to accompany the first season grilled dishes? WIXO is the solution that allows everyone to choose their own wine, without having to carry heavy bottles. So, drink what you like
A good glass of red wine for brilliant barbecues
When the spring does not seem to show its face, which is a bit sudden to be honest, it is time for barbecues during those first hot and sunny days. During those perfect afternoons, how can we miss out on the company of our friends or family, with meat and vegetables sizzling on the fire, completely immersed in the uncontaminated nature? To accompany such abundance, nothing is better than a good glass of red wine: WIXO is designed to be a comfortable, trendy and quality choice for all those times when uncorking a bottle is too demanding or complex.
In fact, WIXO guarantees maximum convenience and freedom of choice: would a person prefer a good glass of red, rosé or white wine to pair with meat? Or if your BBQ "menu" includes both meat and fish? Or again, if the appetizers required a different wine from the one most suitable to accompany ribs and salmon? WIXO, available in different varieties of red, white and rosé is able to completely satisfy all these needs. Just let everyone choose their own WIXO wine glasses and you are done.
A good glass of red wine, joy, quality and also care for the environment: the well-designed and versatile WIXO glasses can be reused in a thousand different ways. And they can be completely recycled when they are no longer needed.
Any tricks to use in the event of a barbecue? WIXO allows you to enjoy a good glass of quality red wine (it comes from a historic Piacenza winery): therefore, especially if you have to drive, it will be easier for you (or the glass) not to get carried away.
In addition, the WIXO wine glasses are completely recyclable: just bring them home (they are very light) and dispose of them in the correct way to protect the environment.
In addition, the glasses, in their simplicity, are really versatile, thanks to their resistant lid: why not use them for example to create an original pen holder, to preserve spices or honey, or to present original finger food in another party? You can always send them for recycling when they are no longer useful. Eco-friendlier than ever!