Looking for ideas so you can organise a trip for the whole family? Here's a single-dose picnic wine that will impress everyone!
If you're thinking about having a picnic for family or friends, you'll know how important organisation is. As for drinking, we've thought about it for you: a single-dose wine for picnics and outdoor trips
Single-dose wine for picnics WIXO
Who doesn't want the charm of a nice lunch outdoors, perhaps taking advantage of the last few days of summer, where the heat has given way to a delicate warmth and the sun is still shining high up in the sky? Picnics please both young and old, and are a nice way to get back in touch with nature and enjoy the good air in a meadow in the mountains.
Anyone who's previously tried to prepare the food for a picnic already knows how important organisation is to everything: sandwiches or cold dishes? Savoury pies, treats, side dishes... in short, whether you want to limit yourself to a minimal style lunch or prepare Sunday lunch for your family, logistics is a fundamental factor!
In all this, how can you leave out a good glass of wine to accompany the good food you've prepared? WIXO was conceived precisely for these occasions - a single-dose wine for picnics and trips, that can really change your outdoor lunches!
Are you ready for the picnic? If it's time to think about drinks, don't forget the single-dose wine designed for picnics and outdoor trips
But why manufacture a single-serve picnic wine? Wasn't a classic bottle good enough?
The glass, which is light and easy to carry, is perfect for when you need to pay attention to the size and weight of what we're carrying.
It's also just the right amount (one glassful, exactly!) so you can enjoy the meal and possibly even drive a bit later without risking having to exaggerate a bit with toasts.
What's more, there's no waste: if you get wine from a bottle, what do you do? Do you close it, and hope that it doesn't fall over while you're travelling and flood your car with wine? Do you throw it away and to hell with the waste (and expense)? Do you force yourself to finish it off and risk getting tipsy? With the WIXO single-dose picnic wine, you don't run any risks: there's no waste, and even if it were to move forwards, the convenient lid allows you to take it home with you, without any risk of overturning.
Good Italian wine, a practical and easy to transport format, no waste: WIXO single-dose wine changes the taste of your picnic
Furthermore, it's easy to dispose of, because its completely recyclable and - for the creatives amongst you - can be reused for a range of purposes: the package is aesthetically pleasing and durable and lends itself to being used either open (e.g. as a pen holder) or closed (e.g. for spices).