Un bicchiere di vino in spiaggia: la buona alternativa per chi non ne può più della solita birra
Fed up with a single beer? The ability to drink a good glass of wine on the beach may have seemed like a mirage ... until WIXO arrived on the scene and changed the cards on the table!
A glass of wine at the beach

To avoid beer at the beach can be more difficult than you’d imagine, unless you want to opt for a drink or water: quick lunch with piadina or salad? Beer. Aperitif watching the sun sinking in the sea? Beer. But until now for those who’d like to enjoy lunch or enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine on the beach, the possibilities were really scarce, not to mention nil.
Thus far, because things have changed with WIXO: thanks to its comfortable and modern format, WIXO single-dose wine is really what we could call a "game changer".

Who can resist a glass of wine on the beach? WIXO is the perfect solution for kiosks that have to overcome very tight spaces and offer customers increasing variety every day
First of all, the practical aspects: these are single glasses; they’re easy to store and last a long time. Which is also a perfect format for beach kiosks, which have to overcome a lack of space on a daily basis, and try to find new ways of attracting customers, who are always looking for an attractive new offer. Here’s the answer to what they need: to be able to offer a good glass of white, red or rose wine along with a lunch or an aperitif is one of those things that can really make their customers happy. And, as a consequence, the kiosk sells boxes. Let's face it, who can genuinely resist the pleasure of a glass of wine at the beach?
Apart from practical aspects (which are very important), WIXO single-serve wine is not only characterised by an ability to meet the needs of catering professionals, undermining the places that have been the exclusive domain of beer up to now: even for customers, it's a bargain.
In fact, it’s a good Italian wine, with three different references to red (one organic), two to white and one to rosé. In short, everyone can choose the wine they prefer, so they can fully enjoy their time. The format is easy, modern and captivating: because even the eye wants some pleasure.
Enjoying a good glass of wine on the beach, either at lunch or while you’re watching  sunset over the sea, is a pleasure that’s been denied up to now, all to the benefit of beer. That was until WIXO single-dose wine arrived on the scene, and changed the cards on the table
As for their later disposal, the glasses are light and can be entirely recycled, returned to a new life without harming the environment: the only precaution should naturally be that of putting them into a separate waste collection in the right way. Although we’re sure that there will be many customers who - once they’ve discovered the large number of possibilities for re-using these small glasses with a lid – will decide to take them with them. Remember those beautiful white pebbles you used to collect as a child? I didn’t know where to put my own ...