The WIXO winery
Quality wine since 1882
For the WIXO wine in a glass, we did not choose just any partner. We wanted to offer to the public a modern, fun, easy-to-consume product that was also and above all of quality, which would live up to the standards expected of Italian wine both at home and in the world.
That is why we found a very good partner in Perini&Perini of Piacenza, owner of the renowned brand Cantine Quattrovalli. With this historical company that has believed and believes in this project, we have established a close relationship of collaboration that has led us to bottling our WIXO directly on their site, so as to ensure the perfect processing and quality of the wine, it even being organic. This is because WIXO has its “Vino Rosso d'ì’Italia Biologico” (“Organic Italian Red Wine”), which comes from organic farming of grapes. An added value in Cantine Quattrovalli’s production, this allows WIXO to be transversal on all markets and wine references.   
For WIXO wines, we have been seeking a partner able to guarantee the high quality of good Italian wine, which we found in Perini&Perini, the historic owner of the Cantine Quattrovalli brand.
Ever since 1882, thanks to a fortunate encounter between the expert barrel-maker Achille Ferrari and the winemaker Antonio Perini, this family has produced not only excellent wine, but also large volumes, currently reaching 10 million bottles a year. Two fundamental parameters for us are that we can count, on the one hand, upon recognised and consistent quality, and upon continuity of production on the other, which allows us to satisfy any request. Two additional qualities are the BRC and IFS certifications, recognised by the world standard of wine production.