WIXO: the single-serve wine perfect for an outing
Easter is approaching and, with it, the classic Easter Monday outings. Whether you are planning a picnic or want to enjoy a nice walk (let's hope the good weather keeps!), what's better than a good glass of wine to make the most of the day?
WIXO: the perfect wine in a glass for trips
Traditionally, Easter Monday is the first real outing of the season: if the weather is nice, staying indoors is simply impossible and the first spring suns beacons. How to best enjoy the day, then? Nothing better than a classical picnic, no doubt. For young and old, big and small, that long-awaited breath of fresh air after the long winter months. Whether you have a lunch on the grass, a walk with a picnic lunch, or a barbecue with friends, you can always do with a good glass of wine!
With the arrival of Easter, the long-awaited nature walks and days out begin. But from today, the usual picnic takes on a whole new taste! How? Thanks to a good glass of Italian wine, of course!
The bottle, however, as we all know, is uncomfortable and heavy, especially if we have to carry bags, baskets and backpacks. The solution, then, is the WIXO single-dose wine glass! The packaging is light, resistant and airtight, so it is easily transportable without adding too much weight to the luggage. Furthermore: its small size allows it to be inserted even in the smallest spaces, suitable for virtually any bag size. What more? It is also the right quantity - indeed, perfect! - to enjoy a good glass of wine without exaggerating, especially if you want to continue walking or have to drive.
 White, red or rosé? With the WIXO single-dose wine, everyone can make their own choice, without having to compromise. A real find for tips and outings!
The five wines in a WIXO glass (three reds, of which one organic, two whites, and one rosé) allow everyone to choose their favourite, with all the quality and history of a renowned winery such as the Quatro Valli of Piacenza. And here we are: whatever you passion, be it a grill fork or a beach ball, everyone can enjoy a glass of their favourite wine. A touch of freedom to add to the sunny freshness of spring!