Volley Piacenza wears the WIXO brand
The successful blend of two symbols of the region, from sports to the table
WIXO is the new main sponsor of volleyball in Piacenza, which from the 2017-2018 season has assumed the name of WIXO LPR PIACENZA. It is a partnership that goes beyond the simple logic of market and promotion, aiming at a deeper goal of promoting the region and its excellence.
It is a well-known fact that Volley Piacenza is an important sports team in Piacenza, beloved by its fans. The history of WIXO is, on the contrary, very recent and indeed yet to be developed, but it is based on solid foundation thanks to its link with another strong tradition of the region: good wine and historical cellars, which year after year are at the forefront of providing the public with an excellent product, helping them enjoy the perfect calibration between elements of the tradition and innovation.

"These are two elements with strong emotional significance on the one hand, and deep ties with the region on the other," explained Mario Casiraghi, Wixo's communications manager and founding member of Pack for One srl, a company that produces of mono-dose wine.  "Sport on the one hand and pleasure of great cuisine on the other is always about fun, growth both personal and community growth, and above all responsibility. Volleyball teaches you to do your best in the interests of your team, for a higher objective, and also to accept any obstacles as starting blocks to do even better. The innovative concept on which WIXO is based invites you to discover a new dimension of top wine production that is tailored, responsible and at the same time fun and exciting. In short, two worlds that seem to be far away from each other but are in fact more tied and closer than you might think."
A bond that today is not only theoretical, but also physical and visual, thanks to this sponsorship that, hopefully, can bring the desired successes to both parties. Celebrate the wins of the Volley Piacenza with an excellent glass of WIXO.