WIXO is becoming increasingly international: from London to Düsseldorf
WIXO single-serve wine is becoming increasingly international, opening up new market prospects and opportunities to promote Italian wine sold in a glass
WIXO single-serve Italian wine
After the Hotelympia fair in London at the beginning of March, WIXO will come to Düsseldorf for the ProWein trade fair from 18 to 20 March. From its first meetings in different parts of the world, WIXO single-dose wine has already attracted a great deal of interest from both the public and industry professionals, who are keen to know more about this thoroughly Italian initiative.
WIXO's international success is linked to the opening of new market segments thanks to its innovative form, as wine served in a glass offers an alternative for events, catering services, hotels, ships, railways and more
What are the reasons behind this international success that - we hope - will bring good Italian wine to the world in this innovative form? First of all, of course, there's the format: presenting wine in a glass offers market opportunities that have so far been almost unexplored. Until now, events that have been the exclusive or almost exclusive realm of beer and drink are now also opening up to wine, something that cannot fail to arouse interest and curiosity. In this sense, the quality of the content is fundamental. We are not just satisfied with any product for WIXO wine glasses, and we can guarantee our international (and future) partners the certainty of a high-end product with a great history, such as that of the Cantine Quattro Valli from Piacenza.
WIXO presents quality wine in a glass that produced in Italy, with modern, captivating and completely recyclable packaging. The customisation of the packaging allows for further marketing and promotion possibilities
Those most interested in the proposal include agencies who work in the hotel and catering sectors, but also naval and railway companies and all those who deal with portioned foods  in general.
The added bonus? The modern, clean, innovative packaging is also completely recyclable, as concern for the environment is now one of the essential features for those who want to market a product that is attentive to new consumption habits. The fact that it is completely customisable also does not hurt, as it opens up further opportunities for marketing and promotion.
In short, get ready to see good Italian wine no longer confined to the classic bottle shape, but also in brand new (and very fashionable!) WIXO single-serve wine glasses!