Co-marketing activities
Give your brand a boost with an exclusive offering
WIXO is the perfect solution for those who are looking searching for new offers to render your brand even more appealing and for a way to give effective responses to market demands.
Think, for example, of the need to offer attractive products also to consumers on the go, who are simultaneously seeking something simple, fast and convenient, but also tasty and of quality. There is also the growing market of single people, of those who regularly consume one or more meals alone even at home. 

These and thousands of other occasions perfectly lend themselves to being complemented, in addition to food, also with a glass of red or white wine, or even rosé, depending on the dish being offered. A perfect match for example for the ever-more extensive offer of quick, ready-made meals.

In this sense, WIXO has already been chosen aboard the Frecciarossa Trains to accompany the traveller on their journey and render the meal even more enjoyable.