From Hamburg, WIXO single-serve wine is now accepting orders for catering, restaurants and aircrafts
The single-serve wine for aircraft is a winning idea: as demonstrated by the fair held in Hamburg, where the WIXO project met with great success, the wine market still has a lot to offer, in many different areas that were not thought of until recently.
Single-dose wine for airplanes
The WIXO single-dose wine is a novelty that is gaining acceptance in international markets: the interest aroused during the Aircraft Interior Expo fair held in mid-April in Hamburg has effectively proven this. Attendees of this event, as the name implies, belonged to the world of aircraft, but were also related to the world of restaurants and catering. WIXO single-dose wine has elicited interest from everyone, which confirms that it is a winning idea for the transport sector as well - such as aircraft, while on trains it is already present on the Italian Red Arrow - and wherever there is a need for an innovative, comfortable, light and resistant wine format.
"It was important to be present there and exhibit our product in front of a highly qualified and professional world" - is the comment of Mario Casiraghi, one of the founders of WIXO on this experience - "Once again our single-serve wine in a glass has proved to be an attractive concept and can be placed in some very unusual environments, that were unimaginable in the beginning: we knew of its great possibilities, but when we started we did not imagine how many and which perspectives would open up for us."
 What do the operators of a single-serve wine think about serving it on airplanes? They think it's a great idea, judging by the interest that the WIXO project has found among the employees of this sector that we met at the Aircraft Interiors fair in Hamburg. That is where one cannot miss out on WIXO wine glasses
Single-serve wine is admired for its salient characteristics and, in all its entirety, it is increasingly proving to be a winning recipe: additionally, we have the format, a good glass of wine to drink on any occasion without having to buy the bottle. Needless to say, it is something this is still missing in several popular wine outlets. Secondly, the design: simple, appealing, modern, fashionable, adapts well to any event. Third, practicality: WIXO wine glasses are light, durable, comfortable to use and have a shelf life of six months. Furthermore, they are completely recyclable and therefore also environmentally friendly. Fourth (but not in order of importance!), the wine itself: a great quality selection from the Cantine Quattro Valley, a historical and renowned place in Piacenza. Fifth, the variety: there are those who prefer a good glass of red wine, those who love a good glass of fresh and refreshing white wine, and those who prefer a good glass of rosé wine. In this way everyone is free to choose the wine they prefer, without having to adapt to others' needs.
Why is WIXO single-dose wine a perfect choice for airplanes? Because it is good Italian wine, with different varieties to choose from, single dose, light, resistant, easy to transport, serve and dispose. And it is also about design, which never hurts!
That is why WIXO single-serve wine is a perfect choice for airplanes, where exists a need to find a single-portion that satisfies customers and at the same time is convenient to transport, serve and dispose. But airplanes are certainly not the only area where a single-serve wine can make the difference: how many have already come to your mind?