Is eating in the street becoming more and more gourmet? A single-serve wine for street food has been created
The concept of eating in the street has changed radically, and now offers curated and special offers: this new approach is ideal for the new single-serve wine for street-food
Single-serve wine for street food
Once it was about taking something into the street and eating it while you were walking, or at most, resting against a table while standing, often already thinking about your next appointment or the next stage of an evening out. Just to put something between your teeth, as they say. Nowadays, the concept of street food has changed dramatically, and not only are the foods on offer becoming more and more original and tasty, but the way of using it is different too: more and more frequently, for example, street food becomes the aim of a trip out, and not just an intermediate stage. 
A fashion that is catching on more and more: street-food is a world undergoing evolution, in which can now make room for a glass of good wine too. Right now!
The trucks, which were once anonymous and not very interesting, have become colourful, original, examples of creativity and design. 
In all this, there is often still one thing missing: wine. Whether you want a glass of white or red, and even if some of the increasingly varied culinary offers seem to require it, street food for wine often remains a non-existent entity. Bottles are too hard to open and dispose of, and bulk wines are too difficult to store.
The public are increasingly demanding, and are no longer content with cooked food cooked to spice up the times between appointments: street food has become in effect the actual reason for trips out, which are aimed at enjoying good food and discovering new flavours. Single-serve wine for street food allows you to create the perfect match, not only between food flavours, but also between what accompanies them.
It's right here, in this increasingly heavy void, that Wixo fits in: a single-serve wine and street food are in all respects a perfect marriage, a win-win relationship in which not only street food finds its perfect accompaniment in a good glass of wine and these find a distribution channel, but customers also find an improved service - thus increasing their satisfaction - with the added advantage that managers have no problems with transport, storage, distribution or disposal. This is also true where an outlet doesn't have authorisation for dispensing alcoholic beverages directly, as these monodose packs are closed products for free service.