Summer 2018: single-serve wine for stands at the beach is here
The single-serve wine for stands at the beach changes the flavour of a summer lunch: a perfect combination of taste, size and design for an out of the ordinary summer
Single-serve wine for beach stands
A day full of sun, umbrellas, lunch on the beach at one of the many stands overlooking the sand behind the umbrellas: what's missing? A nice glass of iced white wine to accompany salads, pizzas and sandwiches, no doubt. 
To change the flavour of summer lunches and turn them into a real moment of pleasure, now you can choose single-serve wine for stands on the beach: a modern, new and unprecedented way to offer a new service to the many customers who go to the beach every day to have a pleasant and relaxing time.
Why is single-serve wine perfect for beach stands? Firstly because it is the perfect amount for a lunch: while the heat certainly makes you want to enjoy a good glass of chilled white wine, it's also important to not overdo it. A glass, in fact, is perfect.
The modern and captivating shape is attractive to customers and easy to sell: a good glass of wine that winks at tradition, but also renews it, making it suitable for the most informal situations, where you would never think of uncorking a classic bottle of wine.
The single-serve wine for stands on the beach is perfect for accompanying informal lunches such as hot and cold dishes, pizzas, sandwiches and wraps. Change the taste of summer and offer your customers on the beach an extra opportunity
Wixo single-serve wine for beach stands is a winning idea from every perspective: the packaging is light and resistant, so it can easily be transported and stored. Even its 18-month shelf life is a guarantee: a good wine always at hand, to better organise your events on the beach. Just think about the accompaniment of typical cold or ready-to-eat dishes, but also pizzas, wraps and sandwiches: informal occasions, fun and relaxation, where the pleasure of a good glass of wine is an extra plus.
The single-serve wine is perfect for stands on the beach: light, unbreakable, easy to store and also to dispose of; an idea for offering a new, unprecedented service 
As far as the disposal of the empty glasses is concerned, no problem: the packages are completely recyclable. And indeed, why not suggest your customers creatively reuse them? Once washed they can be very versatile for serving small aperitifs or drinks, for storing spices, small objects and a thousand other uses, also thanks to the hermetic cap.