Vino monodose per Aerei: un nuovo modo di offrire servizi in volo
Airplanes have special characteristics and needs, also when it comes to serving passengers food and drinks. Wixo single-serve wine for airplanes is the ideal solution thanks to its convenience, lightness, variety and size
Single-serve wine for airplanes
Passengers know this just as well: every inch of space on an airplane is accounted for and the weight of every single item on-board must be taken into consideration given the specific characteristics of aircraft. This is also and above all true when it comes to food and drink, and why so much interest was manifested in the single-serve wines at recent trade fairs, during which precisely those who deal with aircraft supplies were especially attentive and interested in this proposal.
Single-serve wine for airplanes is an excellent solution in terms of lightness, unbreakability, ease of storage and service 
But why are single-serve wines for airplanes an ideal choice? In reality there are a number of characteristics that make the difference and which are of particular interest to this sector. In fact, even if planes are used to providing single-serve wines (we have all been served or seen the mini bottles of wine designed for passengers), Wixo is a completely new and much more functional concept. Indeed, its main features include lightness and ease of storage, which are two basic requirements for transport on airplanes: the weight of the glass is in fact much lower than that of a bottle and it is also ready to be consumed without needing another glass to be poured in.
The interest manifested at industry fairs confirms that single-serve wine for airplanes is an interesting and innovative proposal: Wixo is taking off!
Aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, Wixo single-serve wine for airplanes is also perfect because it is easy to store and transport: it takes up little space, has a long shelf life (18 months) and is also easy to dispose of and send to recycling.
The variety offered should not be underestimated either, as it allows airlines to offer more choices: three reds, two whites and one rosé, all from a historic Italian winery. Because even in-flight you can drink a good glass of wine, in total comfort.