A good glass of red wine
Sangiovese Rubicone IGT, Merlot Rubicone IGT, Puglia IGT Rosso, Rubicone IGT Rosso, Terre Siciliane IGT Rosso and Terre Siciliane IGT Syrah-Merlot
Together with our partners Terre Cevico cellars, we selected red wines that had all the qualities necessary to form part of the WIXO Italian wines by the glass project. We sought after products that were, in fact, simultaneously of quality and easy to use, versatile and suited to all tastes. The wines selected had to be able to ensure continuity both in terms of the quality and in production, so as to provide the markets with a timely and efficient service.
With regards to the red wines, the choice was:
  • Sangiovese Rubicone IGT: A wine with a rounded, fruity taste, intense ruby ​​red colour, no doubt one of the best known to the public;
  • Merlot Rubicone IGT: a wine that is strong but easy to drink, suitable for those who love the decisive flavours of stronger reds;
  • Terre Siciliane IGT Rosso: The selection comes from the best Italian varieties representing the taste of the sunshine that warms the grapes across the better Italian wine regions;
  • Terre Siciliane IGT Syrah-Merlot (BIO): A wine made with organic farming is synonymous with quality, authenticity and respect for the environment.
The WIXO red wines by the glass are bottled directly at the Terre Cevico cellars, to preserve their characteristics and quality.