A good glass of rosé wine
Rosato Emilia IGT
The rosé wines have made an impressive comeback, perhaps due to their freshness, for the ability to unite body and enjoyability, because they are easy to drink and pair. It is also likely due to their versatility, it being a fact that a new golden era seems to have opened up for rosé wines. Naturally, on one condition - that they are quality wines.
In this sense, the decision made together with our partner Cantine Quattro Valli, has taking into account both the characteristics of the wine (product of quality, enjoyable, fresh, known to the public) and those of production (constancy in the characteristics and availability).
As for the rosé wine in a glass, we chose:
  • Rosato Emilia IGT: a wine with a floral aroma of rose petals so versatile that it can be adapted to both cured meats and cheeses as well as to fish and meat, particularly white meat.
The WIXO rosé wines by the glass are bottled directly at the Perini&Perini Cellars, to preserve their characteristics and quality.