A good glass of white wine
Pinot Grigio Emilia IGT, Malvasia Rubicone IGT and Chardonnay Vino Bianco Italia
Perfect for accompanying appetisers, but so versatile as to withstand even the riskiest combinations, thus are the WIXO white wines by the glass, chosen in collaboration with our partners at Cantine Quattro Valli. What is your selection criteria? Stability in quality and continuity of production as far as the most technical aspects are concerned, whilst for the wines we sought products that paired simply with different dishes, that it was possible to drink throughout various occasions of the day, enjoyable on the palate and well-known to the public.
This is why we chose:
  • Pinot Grigio Emilia IGT: a straw-yellow white with a dry and full flavor with ripe and dried fruit's aroma;
  • Malvasia Rubicone IGT: the classic amongst the classics, to be enjoyed in complete relaxation whilst admiring a sunset, but also as an aperitif happily enjoyed with friends;
  • Chardonnay Vino Bianco Italia: a versatile and much-loved white, able to sustain even the most original combinations (have you tried it with fish & chips?).

The WIXO white wines by the glass are bottled directly at the Perini&Perini Cellars, to preserve their characteristics and quality.