The advantages of single-serve wine
Characteristics of single-serve wine
The benefits of a single-serve of wine are various both for professionals dealing with catering, events or business events, as well as for the end customer who acquire it. Here are the key points:
For the product:
  • no opened bottle remains
  • there is no waste
  • it is the perfect amount for self-service, mini-bars, means of transport, events, etc.
  • it is perfect for aperitifs and events
  • the packaging, in recyclable plastic, can be sold anywhere
  • it is recyclable and - even better - largely reusable
  • it is the perfect alternative to beer
For the consumption:
  • everyone chooses what they prefer without having to adapt to others
  • the consumption is individual
  • it is the perfect amount of wine to drink even on a regular basis
  • it is also suitable for drinking at home, for example for single people
  • it is also suitable for people who are celiac or sensitive to gluten