The concept
Single-serve wine suitable for all occasions
The constant evolution of habits, lifestyles and needs leads to us having to also rethink that which already seemed to be set in stone for centuries. Take for example the wine bottle which, whilst remaining the protagonist at the table for traditional dinners, has today been transformed to give the opportunity to enjoy a nice glass of wine during less formal meals and also without waste.
WIXO opens up new frontiers to good wine that were, until now, unknown to the world of wine and allows for a comfortable, safe, responsible out-of-home consumption. WIXO is everywhere there is conviviality.
Think of a bottle of wine that remains open, with the inevitable conclusion being that it is poured down the sink. Or consider a single person who, when enjoying a nice dinner at home, wants to have a glass of wine. Think about the bartender who, having to open a bottle for a customer, finds it desolately abandoned behind the counter. Or perhaps someone who has to negotiate which wine to take - white or red? Aromatic? Tannic? Better each to his own. Think of the appetisers, to be consumed with ease and freedom. Or to events, where beer dominates and it is practically impossible to find a good wine. Or even self-service locations, means of transport, or the street food trucks... With WIXO, good wine can conquer realms that were still unchartered by this beverage, being that it is convenient, unbreakable, recyclable, consumable even where you cannot use glass for security reasons and all whilst promoting a modern and responsible consumption.