The practicality
Comfortable to use in all respects
Convenience in all its common uses is one of the essential features that any product must have, in line with contemporary living. Ease of consumption, ease in storage, ease of serving, and ease of transport.
WIXO is all this - every detail of both the packaging and the product is designed to meet all of these needs and render it not only pleasant and modern, but also practical and functional from all points of view.
WIXO is convenient to consume, stock, display, store, serve, deliver to ensure quality, modernity and functionality unite in a single product
The design of the glass, in addition to recalling a traditional form, is ergonomic and clean, the packaging is designed to be easily stocked, the shelf life of 12 months ensures that the product will not need to be thrown out in case it is not sold immediately nor if you want to keep extra stock.
The design of the glasses lends itself to being displayed with a remarkable dramatic impact.