Wine produced in single-serves
Why a single-serve wine? When to choose WIXO
The rationale for producing WIXO single-serve wine came about when the traditional bottle showed its limits. When you want to have a glass of wine at or away from home, at an event in alternative to the omnipresent beer, when everyone wants to choose for themselves, for a light lunch break, as an aperitif in company, for a fashionable way of catering, at a garden party... the occasions for choosing WIXO single-serve wine are as varied as the opportunities for socialising that give colour and joy to our being together.
The choice of single-serve WIXO wine is perfect for all occasions in which you want to experience a casual social occasion, far from the traditional bottle and closer to the classic mug of beer.
That is the reason behind the single-serve wine: to give to each occasion, be it professional or private, the great opportunity to unleash the imagination.