WIXO sales channels
Where and when can WIXO be sold and consumed?
The opportunities for selling and consuming WIXO wine-by-the-glass are truly many and, with a bit of imagination, many more can be discovered. Yet what may be some uses of this wine for both professionals and end consumers? Let’s explore some of them together!
Unique single-serve wine for catering and events
WIXO single-serve wine is perfect, for example:
  • for cafés, since no opened bottle remains
  • for street food, where beer currently dominates
  • for self-service, where everyone takes their own glass
  • for catering on means of transport such as trains, aircraft, ships
  • for events of any type, especially where glasses and glass bottles cannot be introduced
  • for any trendy venue where you want to find a new attractive way to display the product
  • for those who want to offer an alternative to beer for people who are celiac or gluten-sensitive
  • for informal and trendy cocktail hours
  • for the supply of original catering services and those that want to distinguish themselves
  • in canteens, so as to optimise distribution
  • in packed lunches as well as for high-end restaurants
  • Single-serve wine for trade and hospitality facilities
  • In the field of commerce, WIXO single-serve wine is perfect for being sold for example:
  • in supermarkets, visited by more and more singles
  • in grocery and culinary stores, perhaps accompanied by a ready-made dish
  • in service stations, accompanying meals or in the sales areas
  • in hotels, both in the mini-bars in the rooms and at the bar
Single-serve wine for private consumption
At home, when can you offer a single-serve wine? Here are some examples:
  • for single people who want to have a glass of wine for lunch or dinner
  • for those who have different tastes in wine than the rest of the family: for example, she likes white, he likes red
  • for an original pre-dinner drink with the family or with friends
  • for a birthday party
  • for those at home who are the only one that consumes wine and does not want to open an entire bottle